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Vixen R200SS Newtonian Telescope 2642

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Vixen's R200SS Newtonian reflector telesocpe has a remarkably fast 200mm (8") f/4 parabolic primary mirror that delivers extremely sharp images with no chromatic aberration. The use of state-of-the-art coating technology yields the ideal surface for its f/4 primary mirror. The visual observer will enjoy wide views of deep sky objects. Actual groups of nebula or clusters can be viewed at the same time with this instrument.

The telescope's large aperture and compact body make it ideally suited for astrophotography of nebulae, star clusters and comets. The use of the optional coma corrector allows for a sharp coma-free image from edge to edge, and the rack and pinion focuser, with an adapter, accepts 2 eyepieces. Includes Finder Scope, Carry Handle