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Vixen AP Mount w/ Tripod

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Vixen's new Advanced Polaris (AP) Equatorial Mount adapts to your observing needs. Ideally suited for both beginners and experienced observers who want a simple Grab and Go Equatorial Mount. This easy to use, versatile telescope mount is designed with several modules that are joined together to produce the highly portable Advanced Polaris mount. The Advanced Polaris Telescope Mount has slow motion RA and DEC controls for manual control. With the friction control system the mount can be quickly moved to your target object. This Advanced Polaris mount can be upgraded to the Advanced Polaris M Mount that employs the RA Motor module, complete with the STAR BOOK ONE hand controlelr, making it is easy to track celestial objects. Upgrade further and add the DEC Motor Module. Includes the APP-TL130 Tripod.