Vixen A80Mf Telescope & Porta II Mount 39952

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Vixen A80Mf Telescope & Porta II Mount 39952

If you are looking to start out with something a little larger than a beginner scope and want to spend the time to learn the sky instead of relying on a computer to slew the scope over to each object, this is the package for you The A80Mf attached to the Porta II Mount moves easily and is stable when stopped. No tweaking of the hand controls is necessary like some other brands. A perfect telescope for the beginner astronomer or an ideal first telescope for a child. With Vixen's Universal Dove Tail system, this can mount on any of the Vixen mounts. The A80Mf is an Achromatic Refractor with 80mm (3.2”) of aperture. Its focal length is 910mm (3 ft.) with an f ratio of 11.4. Its light gathering is 130 times better than the human eye and has a maximum (realistic) power of 144X. It is easily transported to your observing site for quick set up and viewing. It weighs only 5.5 lbs. and is covered by Vixen Optics 5 Year Warranty.

Specification & Dimensions:

  • Aperture: 80mm
  • Brand: Vixen
  • Features: Alt-Az Mount
  • Finderscope: 6x30
  • Focal Length: 910mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/11.4
  • Highest Useful Magnification: 144x
  • Mount Design: Porta II Mount
  • Objective Lens Size Code: 80
  • Optical Design: Refractor
  • Recommended Usage: Viewing the Moon & Viewing the Planets
  • Telescopes Series: Vixen A80Mf Refractor Telescopes
  • User Level: For the Beginner & For the Enthusiast

Kits Includes:

  • A 80mm (3.2”) optical tube. 
  • A smaller 6 power finder telescope that attaches to the main scope to help you center the object. 
  • A 20mm eyepiece for general viewing. 
  • A 6.3mm eyepiece for those really clear nights, for high power viewing.
  • A diagonal Prism that connects the eyepiece to the telescope.
  • A Dew / Sun shield. 
  • A Complete tube rings and dovetail plate to quickly attach the A80Mf to the Porta Mount. 
  • Porta Mount with locking extension legs, accessory tray, flexible handle slow motion controls, adjustment tool set and removable mount head.


All Vixen products are covered by Vixen's 5 year warranty.