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Levenhuk Strike 120 PLUS Telescope 65620

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Levenhuk Strike 120 PLUS Telescope
Newtonian telescope. Objective lens diameter: 114 mm. Focal length: 700 mm.

This Newtonian reflector with a 114-mm primary mirror diameter and a focal length of 700 mm is an ideal choice for novices. Levenhuk Strike 120 PLUS Telescope is a perfect fit for observing lunar mountains and craters (about 3 miles in diameter), globular clusters and other celestial objects.

Levenhuk Strike 120 PLUS provides sharp images with no effect of chromatic aberrations. High-reflective aluminum coating of all optical surfaces ensures high-quality vivid views.

The kit of the Levenhuk Strike 120 PLUS telescope includes the following optical accessories:
- 25 mm eyepiece ideal for general astronomical observations
- 6.8-16 mm Zoom eyepiece indispensable for detailed study of celestial objects
- 2x Barlow lens allowing you to increase the telescopeÕs power

Mount and tripod
The German equatorial mount of this telescope allows for easy tracking of celestial objects. The reinforced metal tripod ensures a stable platform for the instrument.

Advanced kit
The telescope kit includes not only all necessary optical accessories, but also helpful educational materials and a handy telescope case to make your observations even more comfortable and enjoyable.

The kit includes:
- Telescope on a German equatorial mount
- Steel tripod
- Focuser 1.25"
- Eyepieces: KF 25, Zoom 6.8-16 mm
- 2x Barlow lens
- Red Dot Finder scope
- "See it all!" astronomer's book
- 3 Posters
- Planisphere - rotating astronomy chart
- 3D planetarium software (on CD)
- Compass
- Waterproof Levenhuk Zongo Case
User manual and lifetime warranty are also included.

Optical design: Newtonian reflector
Optics coating: aluminum
Primary mirror diameter (aperture), mm: 114
Focal length, mm: 700
Highest practical power, x: 186
Focal ratio: f/6.14
Resolution threshold, arcseconds: 1.02"
Limiting stellar magnitude: 12.4
Eyepieces : KF 25 mm, Zoom 6.8Ð16 mm
Eyepiece barrel diameter: 1.25"
Barlow lens: 2x
Finderscope: Red Dot
Focuser: rack-and-pinion, 1.25"
Tripod: steel
Telescope control: manual
Mount: German equatorial EQ1
Weight, lbs: 32.0
Dimensions, in: 37.4x19.9x9.8