Levenhuk Solar Filter for 105mm MAK Telescopes

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Levenhuk Solar Filter for 105mm MAK Telescopes
Full aperture solar filter for safe observations of the Sun: 70/95/122 mm

If you want to learn more about our Solar SystemÕs one and only star - Levenhuk Solar Filter for 105mm MAK Telescopes is exactly what you need! When observing the Sun's activity, a special protective solar filter is mandatory. No matter what optical instrument you use Ð telescope, binoculars, or finderscope Ð a solar filter must to be on it!

This solar filter is designed for use with telescopes. Levenhuk Solar Filter for 105mm MAK Telescopes is made of special Planetarium AstroSolar Visual film, which reduces the SunÕs harmful radiation, lessens the intensity of light, and creates sharp and steady images. You won't see any color distortion Ð the Sun will be of neutral white color. With this solar filter you can study the structure of sunspots, faculae, and granulation.

When choosing a solar filter you should mainly take into consideration your telescopeÕs optical tube diameter and not the telescopeÕs aperture. If the filter is to cover your telescopeÕs front end, you should compare the filterÕs inner diameter to your optical tube/dew shield diameter. If the filter is to be placed inside the tube, you should look at the filterÕs outer diameter in comparison with the telescope tube diameter. Please measure your telescope before buying this filter and carefully compare your results with the values provided in the Specifications table.

Optical density: 5.0
Filter aperture (film diameter), mm: 70
Inner diameter: 95 mm (3.7 in)
Outer diameter: 122 mm (4.8 in)

CAUTION! Never look directly at the Sun through your telescope or finderscope without a solar filter!