About Us

At STEM Telescopes our number one priority is ensuring you have a positive experience and receive your working telescope as quickly as possible. No matter what skill level, our helpful product experts and informative website will help you find the right product that matches your need.

STEM Telescopes is founded on three guiding principles for whatever we do:

  1. User friendly experience & great customer service
  2. Large selection of quality products
  3. Our impact on society

We understand buying a first telescope can be daunting. We created an easy to navigate informative website to help make the shopping experience more enjoyable whether you are buying your first telescope or are a seasoned vet looking for an upgrade or accessory.

Having a great website only matters if customers have a selection of quality products to meet their needs. This is why we only work with the most respected brands in the industry ensuring that no matter which product you choose you are left happy with your purchase.

We firmly believe in having a positive impact on society and the benefits of creating community around commerce.

Find out why it’s our mission to put a telescope in every classroom.

“Our Movement”